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Shoji Screens

Shoji Screens Bay Area | Murasaki Home Furnishings - Shoji ScreensTraditional Japanese home décor style provides a great deal of comfort and visual appeal. That is why Murasaki Home Furnishings takes a lot of pride in the selection of Japanese home furniture and accessories that we have to offer our customers. Some of the many accessories you will find available here at Murasaki Home Furnishings include Shoji screens, Tatami mats, zabuton, zafu, Foldable and Stackable Bookshelf, coffee table, end table Tatami blinds, accent lamps, foldable indoor zaisus, and more…

Are Shoji screens are especially desirable among our many customers. Shoji screens provide the ability to divide the room in which they are placed. People utilize our Shoji screens for creating a comfort and spacious feel for the room in which they are placed. With the amount of privacy that Shoji screens have to offer, people can utilize them in office areas, living rooms, and as bedroom dividers.

Each of our stores carries a wide range of screens for our customers to choose from. Shoji screens are great for:

Shoji Screens Bay Area | Murasaki Home Furnishings - Shoji Screens

  • • Dividing sections of studio apartments
  • • Creating a privacy shield in front of any bed

  • • A stylish accent for living rooms
  • • Blocking overwhelming sunlight in sunrooms and on patios

No matter where you may wish to place a Shoji Screen Murasaki Home Furnishings have the right screen for your decorative tastes. We can also help with:

At Murasaki Home Furnishings we also offer a full range of Tatami mats. While Tatami mats are traditionally used for flooring throughout Japanese homes, they are ideally used for dressers, platform beds, and much more. We are pleased with the high quality Tatami mats that we have to offer our customers. We also have Tatami blinds and bed frames available which will give you a more finished look when used as a set in any room of your home.