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Tatami Bed

Tatami Bed Bay Area | Murasaki Home Furnishings - Tatami Bed Tatami Beds and Mats are traditional home décor and materials used in Japanese residences. There are many different colors and sizes of Tatami Beds at our furniture stores, with styles to please the aesthetics of any customer. 

 We have in stock: 

All sizes of Tatami Bed Sets, which includes: A high quality, authentic tatami bed frame, with options of one set or two sets of tatami bed drawers. These drawers are perfect for storing extra blankets and bedding, or clothes to keep the bedroom clutter free.

Our optional set also includes a tatami headboard to add a touch of elegance to our beautiful Tatami beds. Slats are included, as well as two tatami mats, one for each side of the bed (except single). The frame, headboard, and drawers all come in a beautiful, deep walnut finish that goes well with any room décor. We have many tatami mats that can be used in various areas of the house. These mats are not only used for beds, they are also traditionally used for flooring, and decoration underneath other furniture, such as a futon or dresser.

Tatami Bed | Murasaki Home Furnishings - Bay Area, CA

For Tatami Mats they come with black fabric edge or #5 golden pattern with black edge , we not only carry all bed size tatami mats we also have traditional floor mats, half size and can also make special orders for any need: 

  • standard and floor mat size 90cm by 180 cm (35 1/2 ” by 71″ )
  • A half size tatami mat size is  90cm by 90 cm (35 1/2 ” by 35 1/2 “)
  • single size is 39″ by 75″
  • Half double is 27″ by 75″
  • Half queen is 30″ by 80″
  • Half Eastern King 38″ by 80″
  • Half California King 36″ by 84″

Tatami Bed | Murasaki Home Furnishings - Bay Area, CA

Bedding and Covers
Murasaki Home Furnishings has some of the most attractive bed comforters and futon covers that you will find to complete your traditional Japanese look and feel. Our company offers comforters and futon covers in all standard sizes including twin, full, queen, and king. We can also customize the size of comforter, duvet cover, pillow, pillow case or futon cover from our incredible selection of top-quality Japanese style fabrics. You choose the fabric and border color and we create a custom design, one of the kinds, to meet your needs.

Every Japanese home comforter and futon cover that we offer through Murasaki Home Furnishings carries the comfortable and inviting look you can be proud to display in your bedroom. We have taken into consideration the need of our customers. That is why all of our products offer a Japanese decor style fashion and colors we know will compliment any room throughout your home.

Any sizes of the bed comforters you will find available at Murasaki Home Furnishings have a polyester, cotton or wool filling. These comforters are among the most luxurious you will find when it comes to the bedding options out there. It is our mission to ensure that every customer of Murasaki Home Furnishings is happy with the products and services every time.